We Help You Help Them

Substance use and mental health disorders can challenge even the most experienced manager or HR team. Your business relies on your team. You can rely on us.

Brian Schweitzer, Business Development Operations Manager

"As a trusted partner and behavioral health expert, we have experience working with clients like you. As a free resource, we can complement your existing benefits, including EAPs, and provide a dedicated representative that can work with you - on-site and in real time - as issues arise."

Brian Schweitzer, Community Outreach for Advanced Recovery Systems

We Can Help You:

  • Maintain or increase productivity
  • Manage procedural and administrative challenges (including paperwork!)
  • Address a significant problem within your workforce
  • Prepare your HR personnel and frontline managers for potential issues and challenging conversations around substance abuse
  • Supplement your people manager’s skills
  • Attract or retain employees
  • Comply with the Drug-free Workplace Act

Our Services

We work with you to meet your needs and customize a solution for your specific challenges. We most often work with employers in the following ways:

Drug Policies & Culture Assessments

Custom Solutions
"Second Chance" Policies
Guidance & Best Practices

Training & Compliance

Custom Training Materials
New Hire Training
Leadership Presentations
Drug-Free Compliance

24/7 Real-Time Support

On-Site Support
Same-Day Admissions
Insurance Navigation
Medical Leave Paperwork

"But We Already Have an EAP"

We’re not a replacement for your EAP. Instead, we supplement their services by helping provide quick and easy access to treatment, even on-site with you. This is especially valuable when an employee (or their family member) is in crisis and needs help immediately.

An EAP usually can’t refer an employee in real time and may not even be able to connect them with the right resources. Often, the best result we’ve seen is that the EAP refers the employee to a local therapist, but this appointment could be weeks away. Worse, we’ve seen a case where the EAP was unable to refer the employee to an addiction specialist and instead sent them to a pulmonologist. 

This is not timely or the best experience for your employee who is ready to seek treatment and it’s not the most appropriate guidance for someone who would benefit from a higher level of care, such as medically-supervised detox. We can help connect your employee to the right level of care, right when they need it.

"Our Management Staff Is Always Available to Help Employees"

Great! Being willing and available to help is the first step. But how comfortable is your staff with having conversations about addiction, treatment options, what to look for and what that means for the employee’s job? What about after-hours support?

We can deliver training to your team on how to have these conversations with empathy and accurate information about substance abuse and treatment.

We can help you assess your company culture and create strategies that encourage employees to report substance abuse without concerns about confidentiality or risking their jobs.

We can also offer your employees an around-the-clock, confidential hotline staffed by compassionate, trained admissions specialists who can answer their questions about addiction rehab and treatment options.


We Can Help Your Company Save Money.

Investing in substance abuse prevention and behavioral health pays off. If you’re interested in scheduling a free EAP assessment, send us your email address.