Are You Prepared for Addiction?

U.S. companies are already facing a drug and alcohol problem. Chances are that you already have an employee, either themselves or a close family member, struggling with substance abuse issues.

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Most Companies Aren't Prepared to Handle Substance Abuse Internally

Project Opioid, in conjunction with the University of Central Florida, conducted a four-month study
that found that most companies were not prepared to handle substance abuse internally
or their EAP failed to handle these instances properly.

Even Companies Known for Progressive Benefits are Facing These Challenges

In an interview with Yahoo Finance, the Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson, shared that they found that some
employees were afraid to reach out to the Employee Assistance Program
for mental health-related issues.

“Supervisors — unless they are well trained — often do not take action until they are forced to do so after an employee’s failed drug test, accident or embarrassing incident” 

Why Companies Often Fail to Adequately Address Substance Abuse

Employees often face barriers when it comes to seeking help before a crisis moment. Additional reasons an employee may hold back include:


Fear of Talking
No Support for Family
Gaps in EAP Services
Unclear Drug Policies
No "Second Chance" Policy

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